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Started this at 19.
it's named Tallieme for a reason
tall sounds bored. so i added 'ie'
and here it is, Tallieme.

just my thoughts
deal with it.

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    Good so far
    Tuesday. 1.10.12 10:53 am
    I'm glad there are good memories left :)

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    Tuesday. 8.9.11 1:42 am
    spacecrushed. Hit self destruct button. tyvm...

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    wed. 4.20.11 1:08 am
    Things aren't exactly going too well for me in this year of rabbit.
    Just hope it gets better.

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    all is well
    Tuesday. 1.25.11 11:26 am
    everything is well.

    except sometime i jus wish im the only person i should care for and that should be enough.

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    Working Ass off
    Thursday. 12.8.10 2:33 am
    I've been working like a robot on turbo mode for the past 2 weeks.

    Finally 1st phase of tender drawings have been sent out at 1am sharp.
    40% of the work completed. another 60 to go.

    When i work till almost 12++ every night i cant help but to have the thought that designers are just like atas factory workers. This job is indeed challenging and i do have to admit that the thought of quitting do come across my mind for quite a few times.

    it's messy, inside out. i dont like it but i know this kinda environment will definitely help me grow to be a tougher person. I just gotta learn how to endure.

    pls pardon my whinyness, it's a tiring job and im glad i have love ones who can understand and support me thru out :D :D

    i really need homie entertainment ASAP.

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    hum bao
    Tuesday. 3.8.10 12:51 am
    Hum bao means crying bag. I am a crying bag and seriously i wonder where i can seek medical help for this. Anyone knows where?

    chinese meds, western meds all i can take.

    Each time i cry, i analyze if the situation is bad enough for me to cry. Truth is, not at all. But why cant i control those fucking teardrops!???

    Whenever im angry to the maximum point, i cry.
    sad, cry
    agitated, cry
    emotional, cry!!!!

    And whenever i ask myself to stop, it gets worst!

    ben gave me a good reason (which i find it kinda sweet) why i cry easily,
    because i'm a human with alot of feelings and i always invest alot of feelings into something and it's not my fault to have so much feelings

    he just make me sound so kind, didnt he? lol

    ah. i seriously need help S_S

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    living in a box
    Monday. 19.7.10 11:30 pm
    this really triggers me to vent some whiny seeds here.

    I never find room sharing a problem until we all tends to get older. We got more things, we run out of space and we chuck things aside at one corner. At the end of the day, just pack up the shit and we still live as one happy family.

    BUT what if the shit keeps piling up and i'm the only one who concern abt the piled up shit? This is seriously business, i'm turning into a old naggy hag becos i nag all day long in the room. Naggin my siblings to pack up the room. Naggin them this and that. I hate to do that, it makes me angry. the mess is making me angry, im making myself angry.

    I dont need a big room with big design. It just have to be neat and tidy!

    Sharing room can be fun, it makes out bond become stronger.
    I really hate that one day all these feelings will be gone and i'm left with one thing on my mind which is to move out of here.

    just do our part pls.

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    Dim Gai???
    Wednesday. 16.6.10 12:35 am
    There's no one to talk to on msn, is that normal?

    Has my 'popularity level' drop? or have i cast out all the friends in msn till theres no one left to talk to? muahaha...

    Personal report shows that superficial talk have surpass in-depth talk.

    Dim gai hui gum yong gei? -canto slang

    I'm just afraid that one by one, they just go.

    Turning 23 in a few weeks time, to people who manage to read until this line, don't feel guilty, it's not your fault that you don't remember it cos my biological mum get the exact date mix up too.

    forever young i want :D

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